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Class Structure:

Our Art program has various level that specially designed for different age groups.

For young children from 3 to 4 years old

Shenmo Graffiti Painting was born in  Shenmo Painting Kingdom in the year of 2021.

The course is filled with love and stories. 

The key character, YaYa, is as lively and cute as  our children. He has many friends to play with.   But there are a lot of question marks in his mind.  He is not very happy with his appearance… 

We will learn from Yaya’s stories together. 

YaYa always asks : ”Why am I black? I am sad. “  

So he started looking for answers.  He met a leopard, saw a bird, and found a little donkey.  Searching everywhere, he found himself very cute as well. 

Black is mysterious.  Black is very calm.  Black has power.  Each of us should know and appreciate our own shining points.

Course Features :

1. Paint in Different Ways
Children will learn different painting styles, including painting with brushes, roller, sponges and painting with stickers etc. 

2. 3D Artworks and Crafts
Children can fully experience various art materials for creation. This helps children to develop artistic potential.   Children will make 3D artworks and crafts by using a lot of different craft materials e.g. colourful beads,  colourful transparent sheets, ropes, googly eyes, colour papers and cards etc. 

3. Portfolio
After producing a series of art works, children will have a set of story books of their own that are worth to keep for remembrance of their childhood.


Shenmo Education

For children from 5 to 7 years old

This program is very different from the traditional art teaching. We created a unique “symbol association teaching method”. As long as children can write some symbols such as pinyin, Arabic numerals, or draw some basic shapes, they can use these symbols or shapes to create illustrations in just 3 minutes. We teach with stories telling and nursery rhymes, so that children can easily remember the steps of creation.

For example, a simple number “2”, we teach children to add just a few more lines to turn number “2” into sharks, ducks, turtles, mice and other animals. Children also learn to observe and imagine. It helps to develop children’s creativity. We have more to do in the magical imaginary world of symbols, e.g. ”dot” is a spring flower, “A” is a skyscraper, “3” is a butterfly…. etc.

Course Features:

1. Using symbols, numbers, alphabets and shapes to create illustration
Children are able to create an amazing piece of art in 3 minutes. This form of creativity challenges the child’s cognitive abilities. The child learns to observe from different perspectives and activate their imagination. It also helps to develop a child’s creative thinking skills. It opens a child’s eyes to the infinite possibilities for picture creation using seemingly unrelated symbols.

2. Crayon + Gouache = Special Effects
Using the oil-based crayons and gouache paint on the rice paper for the large area background, the water resistant effect creates a colourful and fantastical look for each piece of artwork.

3. 3 +1 for Different Art Experiences
Making use of lightweight clay, gorgeous oil pastels, delicate watercolour pens and a combination of various materials to create three-dimensional painting or collages. Children have fun and explore world famous artists. They have the opportunity to learn a myriad of styles from different Art Masters.

4. Portfolio
At the end of the course, children will have a portfolio of their nicely done art works.


Shenmo Education

For children from 6 to 10 years old

When the book “Impressionistic Painting” written by Mr Luo Yiming, a renowned artist in China, was published in 2000, the ‘point-matrix’ drawing method was mentioned and used in the teaching of Children’s Art. Every painting was completed on the basis of the transformation of 3-6 dots. This allows great room for creativity for children.

Course Features :

1. Wondrous Creativity
With a 3-6 point matrix system, countless numbers of painting can be created. Isn’t it amazing? It trains the child to break free from conventional thinking to discover the different images that can be created with the dots. A change in the matrix spurs new ideas and through the dots, thereby improving upon the child’s skills on shape formation. Let the Creativity Matrix Stencils take you on a journey of discovery.

2. Fascinating Stories
Every picture tells a story. Through drawing and painting, children are taught to look out for details. The child’s imagination and narrative skills are enhanced. A child who draws well are also good narrator.

3. Vibrant Colours
There is a myriad of colouring techniques for oil and water pastels. The combination of these techniques trains the child to work with details and at the same time, beautiful effects are created!

4. Amazing Handicrafts
There is a Creative Craft lesson after every three Art lessons. During the craft lessons, the students learn to make art with different materials and media, e.g. painting on masks or painting on paper plates or umbrellas etc.



Shenmo Education

For children from 6 to 10 years old

Do you believe that children can draw the story of “The Secret Land of Butterflies” completely? This can be fulfilled by using the idea of ​​shapes combination with Shenmo’s stamping tools. For “Impression Line Drawing”, the patented enlightenment seal is used to create hundreds of graphic pattern and hundreds of object models, which children can easily master. They learn to be patience and look into small details in the line drawing, because such fine lines and details are done ONLY with patience. At the same time, it can also help to develop the child’s styling ability by just using a few strokes.

Course Features :

1. Inspire by using the shapes combination
As the course progresses, the combination of shapes and graphics becomes more and more complex. Some pictures need to be combined 10 or even 20 times with the stamps. In this way, the difficulty of creativity is increased, which also brings the fun of challenge.

2. Draw a comic story based on the script
The course is about a fairy tale of “The Secret Land of Butterflies”. It allows students to draw the whole story based on 32 scripts. The content involves various characters such as generals, queens, and King Kong, as well as buildings such as the peach-shaped castle and the ancient City. There are also images such as dragons and phoenixes.

3. Improve the Skill of Line drawing
If children continue to draw line drawings within 20 minutes, and the line patterns under the pen are always changing, this is equivalent to train the coordination of left and right brain thinking. The graphics should be processed by the right brain, and the left brain should be used to arrange these graphics. After a period of training, we will see details and creativity in children’s drawings.



Shenmo Education

For children from 8 to 12 years old

Our Modern Chinese Ink Painting course provides art instruction and guidance from a foundational level. We use our special tool, 解码棋 jiě mǎ qí, to better guide complete beginners through a step-by-step approach. Students use our special tool to deal with proportion and scale which are the principles of art and they are quite complex.

Students also involve in learning the basic knowledge and techniques of ink painting and understand more about the rice paper, 宣纸。 The proper brush handling techniques, observing subject matters and capturing the details of the subjects will also be taught.

It is a subject to provide great opportunity for students to appreciate the traditional Chinese roots, its rich history and cultural influences.

Course Features:

  1. Suitable for Junior Learners. Equip themselves with painting and drawing skills.
  2. The drawings created will be in bright style, full of children’s naiveness and fun.
  3. Students are Introduced to different brushes strokes and pen line drawings.
  4. Experience various art medium e.g. Chinese ink, colour pigments like crayon and watercolour, to create beautiful paintings of different subjects.
  5. A special emphasis will be placed on brush technique and composition.
  6. Application of paint on rice paper.
  7. Easy for the Junior Learners to manage the proportion and scale by using 解码棋 jiě mǎ qí.



Shenmo Education
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