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Weekly class, either at your school or at our centers. We keep our class sizes small to ensure individualized attention and maximum engagement.

Scientific research has shown that children’s brains have developed over 95% by the age of 12. Therefore it is crucial to give the children proper training and cognitive stimulation at an early age to help their brain grow and develop.

Fun Mental Math is based on scientific research in neurology and psychology, studying the development of children’s brain and intelligence. It derives from abacus mental math, and trains the most crucial brain functions and cognitive skills, such as attention, observation, memory, imagination, and reaction.

The whole program has 6 levels, which covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


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We have an experienced team of certified AMIS Art Teachers, MOE teachers and graduates from NAFA and LASALLE College of the Arts. They are fully committed in equipping the students with art techniques and skills with creative minds.

Shenmo provides proper lesson plans for teaching.  Shenmo also provides effective training to our teachers regularly and systematically to ensure the teaching quality.

We help children to :  

1. develop their hands-on ability,  

2. cultivate their creativity and confidence,  

3. unlock their power of observation,  

4. dream and  

5. be HAPPY!

We offer various Art programs to suite the different needs of different age groups. Kindly check these out!


The Graffiti Program

Young children learn through picture books. Interesting storyline, different art materials and fun art making methods make children love Art.


The Crayon Drawing Program

Complete a drawing in 3 minutes using numbers, alphabets, symbols and shapes. Children also learn a lot more about crayon colouring techniques. 


The Conceptual Drawing Program

Everyone can draw by using 3 to 6 dots.  Children learn to observe and create a lot more than they can. Oil pastels are introduced to children under this program.


Impression Line Drawing Program

Using lines to form patterns. Using shapes to form different items and objects. By the end of the program, children will have their own comic books.


Modern Chinese Ink Painting Program

Using the combination of Chinese Ink and Paints the children will learn about proportion, scale and composition. We use special tool for this program, called :  jiě mǎ 解码棋

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