Love Outreach Held by Shenmo Myanmar Franchise School

On March 27, 2017, Shenmo Myanmar Dongzhi Franchise School launched the Love Outreach Activity, leading their students to the Welfare Home to visit the orphans and the disabled and present them with school supplies, cooking oil and rice.  

Shenmo Singapore Abacus Mental Math Competition Held Successfully

On March 11, 2017, the Shenmo Singapore Abacus Mental Math Competition co-organized by Shenmo Singapore Franchise School and the Fo Guang Shan Temple came to a successful close in Singapore. President Mianjun Li of Shenmo Education Group came to the competition and made an opening speech. Meanwhile, Prof. Lilly Cheng, the president of International Association […]

First Batch of Shenmo Abacus-based Mental Arithmetic Inheritance Volunteers Were Elected

In December, 2016, 38 Shenmo mental arithmetic teachers were elected as the first batch of Shenmo Abacus-based Mental Arithmetic Inheritance Volunteers, who were all senior mental arithmetic teachers with years of front-line teaching experiences and excellent teaching competence. Since they were elected as the mental arithmetic volunteers in 2015, they have been receiving special training […]

Shenmo Teachers’ Training Held in Singapore and Malaysia for the 2nd Time

From November 18 to 27, 2016, Shenmo mental arithmetic course trainers had the teachers’ training in Singapore and Malaysia for the second time. 19 teachers participated in the Singapore training and 15 teachers participated in the Malaysia’s.The southeast Shenmo schools were originally established in 2011, opening both mental arithmetic and creative art courses. Since their […]

Teachers from Portugal Came to China to Accept Their First Mental Math Teachers’ Training

On July 20, 2016, two teachers from Portugal came to the Shenmo Teaching Base in Linyi, Shandong to accept the 15-day mental math fresh teachers’ training.

“Chinese Bridge” Competition Successfully Held in America

In the middle of May, 2016, Shenmo’s strategic partner, the Confucius Institute of San Diego State University of America successfully held a “Chinese Bridge” Competition. Since the beginning of 2016, Shenmo’s mental arithmetic education in America has developed into a deeper level, begnning cooperation with renowned elementary schools like the Bernard. Chinese language, abacus-based mental arithmetic […]