图片2智绘鱼 第15课

Smart Fish – Complete a Picture in Three Minutes

(For ages between 5 -7)

Smart Fish breaks away from the conventions of Traditional Art Pedagogy and has established the unique ‘Symbolic Association Pedagogy’. As long as the children are able to write simple numerals, alphabets and calligraphic strokes, creative images can be created based on them.

For example, the number ‘2’ can be transformed into a shark, a tortoise, an old man and a rat. They are able to create an amazing piece of art in 3 minutes. The teacher also guides the children in poetry recitation in drawing, making the painting process a breeze.

智绘鱼 第9课

Course Features 课程特

  • Stimulates the Child’s Imagination with Symbolic Associations 符号联想,激活儿童想象力

    • By adding a few imaginative strokes, the number ‘2’ is transformed into a shark, a duck, a tortoise or a rat. The Imagination is endless. This form of creativity challenges the child’s cognitive and thought-processing limitations. The child learns to observe from different perspectives and activate their imagination. This form of training develops a child’s creative thinking skills. It is popular among every child, who is deeply intrigued by it. In the world of imagination, the ‘dot’ is a flower in Spring while the horizontal stroke is a road leading to the skies. ‘A’ is a sky scraping tower and ‘3’ is fluttering butterfly… The Smart Fish opens a child’s eyes to the infinite possibilities for picture creation using the numbers and alphabets. Their dexterous hands gives life to ingenious formations and lively colours. 
      在神奇的符号想象世界里,“点”是春花一朵,“一”是大路朝天,“A”是摩天高塔,“3”是蝶儿翩翩……智绘鱼让儿童用一双慧眼去发现藏在123、ABC 写法后边的绘画创意,用一双巧手画出巧妙的造型, 纷飞的色彩。

  • Drawing while Singing Children’s Ballads. Our Unique Art Course Transforms every Child into an Art Expert 儿歌教学,让每一根线条都会说话

    • Teaching Art through Ballad: Each stroke of the pen has a voice of its own 

  • Crayon & Water Pastels Combination – Fascinating Effect 蜡彩并用 油水分离

    • When the oil-based crayon and the water-based pastels are used in combination on the rice paper, the separation of the two different media creates a fascinating effect. A multitude of colouring effect creates a vibrant painting.

  • An Album of every Student’s Artworks 个人精美画册

    • At the end of the series of lessons, we compile the students’ works into an album, which is a memento of their Art learning journey. 学期结束时学生会得到精美画册,留住美好的学习记录

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Course fee and Schedule 课程及收费:

  • 32-lesson course 课程共32课
  • 2 hours per lesson每课1.5小时
  • Course fees : Please contact us for detail 



Conceptual Painting – Anyone can Draw

(for ages 7-10 适合7-10岁儿童学习)

When the book “Impressionistic Painting” written by Mr Luo Yiming, a renowned artist in China, was published in 2000, the ‘point-matrix’ drawing method was mentioned and used in the teaching of Children’s Art. Every painting was completed on the basis of the transformation of 3-6 dots. This allows great room for creativity for children. This is method of painting received widespread positive responses from the Children’s Art industry. After more than a decade, “Impressionistic Painting” has revamped itself. It is now stimulating for children’s intellectual development with more beautiful compositions and more vivid stories.

“Impressionistic Painting” has created a “3-in- 1” Experiential Art Model in which there is a Creative Craft lesson after every three Art lessons. During the craft lessons, the students learn to make decorative masks or paint on paper plates and umbrellas. Let your children into the world of Wondrous Creativity, Fascinating Stories, Vibrant Colours and Amazing Handicrafts! They are to be captivated by it.
在罗一鸣老师于2000年出版的 《思维绘画》 教程中,首次引用“点创意”绘画法:每幅画是通过3-6个点的演变而完成的,儿童当即就可以展开创意。此画法一度在儿童美术领域引起强烈反响。十几年后的今天 《思维绘画》 再度升级,开智创意功能更加强大,画面更美、故事更鲜活。


Course Features 课程特色

  • Wondrous Creativity 创意美  

    • With a 3-6 point matrix system, countless numbers of painting can be created. Isn’t it amazing? It trains the child to break free from conventional thinking to discover the different images that can be created with the dots. A change in the matrix spurs new ideas and through the dots, thereby improving upon the child’s skills on shape formation. Let the Creativity Matrix Board take you on a journey of discovery.

  • Fascinating Stories 故事美

    • Every picture tells a story. Through drawing and painting, children are taught to look out for details. The child’s imagination and narrative skills are enhanced. A child who draws well are also good narrators.

  • Vibrant Colours 色彩美

    • There is a myriad of colouring techniques for oil and water pastels. The combination of these techniques trains the child to work with his hands in working with details and at the same time, beautiful effects are created. Take your colouring techniques to the peak now!

  • Amazing Handicrafts 手创美

    • “Impressionistic Painting” has created a “3-in- 1” Experiential Art Model in which there is a Creative Craft lesson after every three Art lessons. During the craft lessons, the students learn to make decorative masks or paint on paper plates and umbrellas.


Course fee and Schedule 课程暨收费:

  • 32-lessons course 课程共32课
  • 2 hours per lesson每课1.5小时
  • Course fees : Please contact us for detail





“Who toppled the Box?” – Magical Sketches on a Cardboard Box 《谁碰倒了盒子》

(for children aged 4.5 – 6 years old  适合4.5-6岁儿童学习)

This revolutionary art course has actualised the concept of “3-D Sketching”. Artistic creations on the form of sketches takes place on 3-D cardboard or figurines made out of boxes. After attending a series of lessons, the child will be able
to have their own art exhibition featuring their art collection.

The learning process is fun and interesting. The children will be taught to make associations between poems and rhymes, taking their imagination further and creating vivid images. After listening to fairy tales, children will be taught to recreate the
scenes on cardboard boxes. Children also get stick the shapes on the box and assemble the boxes. This is an all-rounded course that engages their eyes, hands and brains, hence developing their observation, imagination, creativity and hands-on skills.

Course Features 课程特色

  • Creative Graphics through Poems and Rhymes 儿歌引导 图形创意
    Shenmo’s very own poem and rhymes leads the children in an amazing road of discovery to the unlimited potential behind every shape or graphic which can be transformed into countless images. This method of teaching art enables children with no art foundation to learn sketching in an instant. Our graphic thought-processing method unlocks the secret behind every graphic.

  • Story-inspired 3-picture comic 听故事联想三格连环画
    According to a paediatric expert, the way to cultivate intelligent children is to expose them to story-telling. Children who grow up listening to stories are intelligent and adorable. If these children are guided to sketch out these stories, their minds and hands will be more active. The 2-picture comic strip taps on the children’s gift of story-telling in terms of causality, sequence and summarizing, making their graphic imagination more vivid.

  • Hand-made cardboard boxes and 3-D cards 手创盒子 立体画卡
    After the sketches are made on the boxes, the children assemble the boxes and designs a pose for the box-figurine. The boxes can be used as a stationery box. It trains the students to work with their hands as well as their organisation skills in a lively and interesting manner.

  • Each Child’s Very Own Box Kingdom 拥有自己的盒子王国
    By the end of each term, each child would have had a collection of 3-D sketches and boxes. Installed in the house, they can form a mini exhibition that adds a touch of artistic flair to the child’s living space. It is a good head start for the child to believe in his own artistic ability and there is now a young artist in the house!



Course fee and Schedule 课程收费:

  • 32-lesson course 课程共32课

  • 2 hours per lesson 每课1.5小时

  • Course fees : Please contact us for detail

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Creative Magician of Graphics 《图形创意魔法师》

The Most Interesting Creative Handicraft and Painting Course

(for Children Aged 5 – 7  适合5-7岁儿童学习)

This is a 3D Artwork that can be displayed on the table like a photo frame. After the drawing and painting is done on card paper, the child transforms it into a 3D decorative ornament by adding on embellishments such as a hanging string, a string of beads, ribbons and bells. While getting active with hands, the child’s imagination gets a real workout. This process is both fun, enjoyable and intellectually-stimulating.


Course Features 课程特色

  • Stimulates the child’s imagination through poetry recitation. The children then attempts to group graphics together to form various picture compositions. The use of ink stamps has made the picture compositions a faster process.

  • The colourful ink stamps and the crayons work together to create an interesting composition.

  • The drawing card can be converted into many different shapes and forms. In every lesson, the children will be given some embellishments or ornaments to dress up their completed work. It is delightful for the children.

  • There are 16 compositions to be completed on card paper throughout the entire course. Together, they tell a story and they can be hung up in sequence to form an artistic mural. They give the children immense confidence in their artistic creation.


Course fee and Schedule 课程收费:

  • 16-lesson course 课程共16课

  • 2 hours per lesson每课1.5小时

  • Course fees : Please contact us for detail

图片8    31

Impressionistic Sketching – Become an Artist in 10 minutes 《印象线描》

(for ages 6-8 适合6-8岁儿童学习)

This course focuses on the use of Graphic Association to create the story of “The Secret Land of the Butterflies”. There are a few hundred methods of graphic creation as well as a few hundred image creation which the child is able to master easily. Their skills in form creation will improve instantly. The detail-oriented sketches trains the child’s patience and eye for details. “Impressionistic Sketching” trains the child to be a painting expert.


Course Features 课程特色

  • Graphic Combination Association Method 图形组合联想法
    As the course progresses and the combinations get more complex, it gets more challenging for the children, who enjoys the thrills that comes with it. In some compositions, it is necessary to use the stamps for 10 to 20 times.

  • Create Comic Strips from a Script 根据文字脚本画连环画故事
    This course revolves around the tale of “The Secret Land of the Butterflies”. There are 32 scripts that shapes the entire narrative on which the sketches are based on. The characters in the stories comprises of knights, generals and queens. There are pear-shaped castles and ancient Chinese architecture, dragons and phoenixes. These characters and objects are more challenging to sketch. They really stretch the child’s imagination.

  • Boost to Sketching Skills 线描绘画能力大升级
    If Sketching is done continuously within twenty minutes and the line is ever changing, this is equivalent to using the left and right brain simultaneously. To use these lines one needs coordination between the left and right brain. The shape formation requires the function of the right brain but the arrangement of these pictures requires the logical function of the left brain. After a period of training, the children’s works will be more detailed and varied.

16课 幻境消失3-01

Course fee and Schedule 课程收费:

  • 32-lesson course 课程共32课

  • 2 hours per lesson每课1.5小时

  • Course fees : Please contact us for detail