Calculation is only one function of the abacus. The other two functions more crucial to the children at their stage of life are the Intellectual Initialization and Educational function. The child can at least benefit from abacus training in 4 aspects:

  1. The children uses both hands at the same time in using the abacus, stimulating the development of both sides of the brain.
  2. The abacus training process involves the senses of sight, hearing, hand movements, speech (through verbal recitation) and thought processes. It develops a child’s ability to focus as well as memory, imagination, observation and thought-processing skills.
  3. It makes the child active learners who are able to focus quietly.
  4. It increases the rate of performing speed arithmetic in children.

有人说现在是电子时代了,再学算盘根本没有必要。但是珠心算的好处不只是在于它的计算工能。 除了计算功能之外, 珠心算还有启智和教育的功能。学习珠心算更重要的是开发孩子的智力:

  1. 左右脑并用,促进左右脑平衡发展;
  2. 眼,耳,手,口,脑同时参与,有效的培养儿童的注意力,记忆力,想象力,观察力,思维能力;
  3. 培养孩子动则活跃,静则专注的良好习惯;
  4. 使儿童的计算能力迅速提高。

There are three functions of learning the Abacus: Calculations, Educational and Intellectual. 

There are also four benefits to learning Abacus and Mental Arithmetic:

  • The simultaneous use of the both left and right hands leads to a more
  • The simultaneous use of the eye, brain, hands, speech and brain in
  • Trains the child to be active when on the go but able to focus and
  • Increases the child’s speed of performing mental arithmetic.





  • 左右手并用,促进左右脑平衡发展;
  • 眼耳手口脑同时参与,有效地培养孩子的注意力、记忆 力、想象力、观察力、思维能力;
  • 培养孩子动则活跃、静则专注的良好习惯;
  • 使儿童的计算能力迅速提高。

A Step-by- Step Approach 

  • A more detailed streamlining of our knowledge points (e.g. 1 – 4/5/6/9 direct addition and subtraction)
  • The aim is to arouse the child’s interest and joy in learning, not to emphasize the difficulty or length of the sums
  • Shenmo International takes a practical approach to teaching. We only teach the useful knowledge points at the times when they are applicable. We do not believe in creating unnecessary burden for the children.
  • We adapt the professional jargon to the level of the children.


A Wholesome and Complete Training System

  • We have a strong team of Professionals to ensure that the effectiveness of the training system is scientifically proven and back by research and pure logic. They oversee the overall implementation of the syllabus. They are Chen Huichang, Professor of Developmental Psychology, Beijing Normal University. Supervisor of PhD candidates & Guest Professor of China University of Technology; Fan Yumin, Assistant Permanent Secretary of The Calculus Principle and Methodology Committee of China Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association.
  • Certified by the Authorities: National Patent; the only institution certified by the authority of a national level.
  • The Research and Development: Constantly improves itself.
  • Complete syllabus for six levels of abacus training.
  • A complete system that works with the parents through phone contact and meetings.


A Team of Experience Teachers


A well-developed management team



  • 将知识点进行细化(如1—4/5/6/9直加直减)。
  • 不强调题的长度难度,以孩子学会/喜欢学/高兴学为出发点
  • 神墨注重教学实际化,用到的知识就教给孩子,用不到的就全部舍弃,什么时候用到,就什么时候讲述,不给孩子增加额外负担。
  • 专业术语幼儿化。


  • 强大的专家队伍 陈会昌:北京师范大学发展心理研究所教授,博士生导师,中国科技大学研究生教授 苑玉敏:中国珠算协会算理算法委员会常务副秘书长 蒋志峰:中央教育科学研究所副研究员,珠心算与儿童脑机能研究专家
  • 权威认证:国家专利,全国唯一权威认证
  • 研发机构:不断完善
  • 完整教材:六阶
  • 家长配合系统:定期家长会、电话咨询等



Yes, Abacus & Mental Arithmetic, Language and Mathematics are the same concept. The longer the child learns it, the better it gets. Persistence always guarantee results.

  • Abacus and Mental Arithmetic and Mathematics are closely-linked. Abacus and mental arithmetic is based on Mathematical principles. The abacus is a tool for learning. It uses beads as an indication for numbers.
  • Mathematical concepts are more abstract. It is difficult for children to visualize them. Children are visual learners and images are easily imprinted in their minds. The abacus can train the children’s visual imaging ability and thought processes.
  • The abacus numerical system is only consists of 3 types: “1”, “5” and “0”. For children aged 4-12, it is so much easier to remember and grasp.
  • 珠心算和数学是紧密相连的。珠心算的理论基础是建立在数学的原理上的。 算盘是学习的工具。它是以算珠来代替数字的计算体系。
  • 数学的概念比较抽象,孩子们较难理解。孩子们比较倾向于以直观的视觉方式来学习,而见过的印象容易根植与脑中。学习珠心算有利于训练孩子的视觉影像能力和思维过程。
  • 珠心算的系统只有三种,即“1”,“5” 和“0”. 对于4-12 岁的 孩子来说,更容易记忆以及掌握。

School homework has gap fills and sums. Our abacus exercises are of a similar format. It can be easily adapted to fit in with a school syllabus.



  • It is natural for a child to not to retain 100% of what he learns. However, regular and constant training can reinforce the concepts taught and learn.
  • It normally takes 2-3 years for the child to fully internalize skills of the abacus. Then it will be like mastering a skill such as riding a bike or swimming. Then it will be a skill they have mastered for the rest of their life.
  • 学过以后忘记,对孩子来说是很正常的事。但是,通过常规的训练能加强学习过的概念。
  • 要完全掌握珠心算需要2-3 年的时间。完全掌握之后就像掌握一门技能,如同会骑脚踏车或游泳一样,终身不忘。


  • First of all, it is already half a battle won when your child decides to come for class. This indicates that he/ she is interested in learning how to use the abacus.
  • In class, our trainer will guide the child in doing the exercises.
  • As parents, you need to guide and encourage him/ her.
  • 首先, 孩子愿意理上课已经是成功一半了。 这表示他对珠心算有兴趣。
  • 在课堂里,老师们带领学生们做作业。
  • 身为家长应该多引导和鼓励孩子,让他养成写作业的好习惯。

The child’s progress is to a certain extent, related to the parent’s guidance. The parent should work closely along with the teacher to guide the children along proactively.

  • Send the child to class on time and try not to miss lessons.
  • Monitor the child in finishing his/ her homework. Make sure that the child gets some practice every day.
  • Check if the child has completed his/ her work and if the answers are correct.
  • For those sums that the teacher indicates need to be completed, parents are to monitor the child in completing them.
  • When new content is taught, some students have inertia and they will make a lot of mistakes. This is normal and could be rectified with some guidance.
  • Spend about 10-20 minutes each day to guide the child on their homework.
  • Devote more oral abacus practice to the new concept points. Give the children more encouragement.



  • 按时送孩子到学校学习, 尽量不要旷课
  • 督促学生完成家庭作业, 并做到天天练习
  • 检查学生的作业是否完成, 答案正确与否
  • 凡是老师在作业题上注明用心算完成的题目,请家长监督学生必须心算完成
  • 每次学习新内容时, 学生会有“厌学、出错率高”现象,这属正常现象,而要正确引导
  • 每天抽10—20分钟陪孩子做作业
  • 刚学新知识点多给念珠算,并加以鼓励

No, one of the benefits of Abacus Training is intellectual development. The movement of the left hand stimulates the development of the right brain. If only the right hand is used, such as function is lost.


Intellectual development is a gradual process and happens over time. Parents are advised to interact with other parents about the progress of your children. Evaluate your child from all aspects in order to understand the learning characteristic of your child. These is a process in which a child acquires new knowledge and ability. The process is gradual and can be observed over time.

教师制定学员的学习计划,让其每天都在进步, 多同家长交流学员的学习进度,让家长体会到学员的进步。纵向评价孩子,让家长了解孩子的学习特点, 学习任何知识都需要过程,应遵循序渐进的规律。