Abacus Mental Arithmetic is taught and practised in many parts of Asia, especially in East Asian countries such as China, Japan and Taiwan. In simple terms, the practice of Abacus  Mental Arithmetic refers to the acquiring of the ability and skills to perform mathematical calculations on the abacus and gradually being able to visualise the operations of the abacus within the mind. This intellectual ability is the result of trained operations on the abacus. In another words, mastering the operation of abacus is the pre-requisite of mastering Mental Arithmetic, which is the ultimate goal in the teaching and learning of Abacus. Mental Arithmetic is an extension of development of Abacus Operation.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic is the crystallisation of the ancient Abacus methodology and modern pedagogy. Mental Arithmetic is the ‘internalisation’ of the skilful operation on the Abacus. It is the graduation from working on a tangible abacus to visualising it in the brain. It is the apex of Abacus Skill.




Full Course Duration: 3 years (Once weekly, 1.5hours per session)

In 3 years your child will learn and master the following techniques:

The Addition & Subtraction Method

  • 5 three-digit numbers :45895+15895-25698
  • 5 four-digit numbers :8589-6589+5195-4975+2532
  • 10 three-digit numbers : 258+964-148+413+674-891+789-457-522+627


  • Multiple-digit numbers 


  • Dividing a Multiple-digit number by a two-digit number: 272493 / 39


整套课程完成时间 : 3年 (每周一次, 每次1.5小时)


  • 加减法
    •  五位三笔 :45895+15895-25698
    •  四位五笔 :8589-6589+5195-4975+2532
    • 三位十笔 : 258+964-148+413+674-891+789-457-522+627
  •  乘法
    •  多位乘多位 : 598 x 426 
  • 多位除俩位 : 272493 / 39

Course Material Package 课程材料配套

SM Abacus Stage 1 SM Abacus Stage 2

SM Abacus Stage 3 SM Abacus Stage 4

SM Abacus Stage 5 SM Abacus Stage 6



  • Tangible Structured Object: Appeals to Young Learners Children from the ages of 4-12 are most imaginative and are most visual. They are good at mimicking the action of others and are able to form lasting impressions of their experiences. Through the working on the abacus, the operations are imprinted in their minds. Young learners at this age find it easiest to pick up and master the Abacus. 
  • Helps in the Intellectual Development of Children There are two hemispheres of the brain; the left and right, governing different functions. In Abacus training, the left brain perceives the numbers and the right brain performs the Abacus calculation and sends the results out from the left brain. Hence, Abacus training engages and activates the right brain which is rarely used, resulting in a more balanced development of both hemispheres of the brain. People with a more developed right brain are more creative.
  • Helps in Improving Children’s Calculation skills. 
  • The functions of Shenmo Abacus and Mental Arithmetic
  • * Stimulates Intellectual Development Our two-hand Abacus training stimulates intellectual development as the synchronised movement of both hands develops the function of both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The “visualization” process involved in mental arithmetic unlocks the potentials of the brain.
  • * Calculation Function Calculation is the most basic function of the Abacus. Mental Arithmetic also serves the same calculation function.
  • * Education Function Abacus and Mental Arithmetic training engages the sense of sight, mental calculation, and hand movements and merges into a synchronised whole. It presents the mathematical processes and principles in a very visual manner that forms a deep impression on the child’s mind. The child will be able to master the calculation processes and results. It trains a child’s logical thinking skills as well as calculation skills. Hence, the abacus is not merely a tool for calculation but it has basic education function.


  • 具体形象,符合儿童的认知规律。科学研究表明,4~12岁的儿童形象思维最丰富(即脑映像最清晰),模仿性强,对曾感知过的事物印象深刻,所以儿童通过对算盘的操作,易形成算珠映像,能在儿童中具有普遍推广的价值,人人都能学,人人能学好
  • 有利于儿童智力进一步发展。经科学研究表明,人脑有两个半球,分管不同的功能,珠心算从左脑输入数,在右脑贮存盘式计算,又从左脑输出,所以儿童学习珠心算正是开发他们右脑,这样能使平常用得很少的右脑充分地活动起来,从而达到左右半脑平衡发展。右脑发达的人更富有创造性
  • 有利于提高儿童计算技能
  • 神墨珠心算的功能 
  • 启智功能。珠心算的双手拨珠的活动,促进了大脑整体功能的开发。“脑映像”的运作,开发了大脑的潜能
  • 计算功能。算盘作为一种计算工具,计算功能是其基本功能。珠心算自然也具有计算功能
  • 教育功能。珠心算在计算过程中,眼看、脑算、手拨,眼、脑、手有机结合,融为一体,使儿童形象而深刻地理解运算的意义和原理,掌握运算的方法和结果,培养了儿童的逻辑思维能力和计算能力。因此,算盘不仅是一种计算工具,而且还具有基础教育的功能
  • Stimulates the children’s interest in learning and encourages them to be active learners. Pre-schoolers are curious and have a thirst for knowledge. They are highly inquisitive and want to be involved in all kinds of activities. They want to discover more about themselves and the surroundings. When Abacus training is adopted into the pre-school or Primary One syllabus or curriculum, the children can accept it more readily. In an abacus class, the children are in charge of their own learning in a highly active, hands-on and interactive environment. The learning process is fun and energetic. They take a an active role in their learning process. It ignites their passion for learning and makes them more ambitious learners.
  • Cultivates the children’s arithmetic skills from an early age and shortens the learning process at Primary school. In the recent years, the Abacus and Mental Calculation has been undergoing constant revision from continuous practice and experimentation. The result is a more complete and wholesome theoretical system with a more defined and scientifically-proven effective training methodology. Some students are able to complete the Elementary course within two years, which is a much shorter process than the entire span of the Primary school course.
  • The Learning of Abacus also benefits the learning of other subjects. Math and the Sciences are inter-related and complements one another. The learning of the Abacus and Mental Arithmetic stimulates the intellect and promotes dexterity in movement and response. Working on the abacus trains one’s motor-neuron reflexes that are also applicable to typing on the computer keyboard or playing an instrument. Abacus training is proven to improve memory skills. This is also beneficial for the memorizing of English vocabulary and the study of the Humanities.
  • Inculcates Perseverance, Determination and a good set of Values in Children Abacus training promotes the development of the brain, speech and motor-neuron skills. The frequent hand movements while moving the beads promotes dexterity. Mental Arithmetic (with the recitation of the formulae) makes the children more articulate. Through constant feedback from the trainer, the children gain a sense of self-awareness and the ability to evaluate their own performance. It motivates them to strive harder for better results, cultivating the virtue of diligence and perseverance in them from a young age. Children are active by nature and working on the abacus requires a high level of concentration. It trains a child to focus and long term benefit is a longer attention span. Mental Arithmetic evolved from ancient Abacus techniques and has carved out a niche for itself amidst the advancement in computerised calculation tools. It is a revolutionary technique that not only serves the calculation function but also serves the higher education function and the stimulation of the intellect. The teaching and learning of Abacus is now part of a global education development project that has now won international accolades.


  • 有利于调动儿童的学习积极性和主动性。刚入学的儿童,求知欲强,愿意参加形式多样的活动,算盘从幼儿或小学一年级引入课堂,可以促进儿童参与到教学活动中去。在教学活动中,他们动手操作,处于主导地位,课堂上在老师的指导下,时而看数拨珠,时而听数拨珠,时而动口回答结果,成绩可明显对比,激发了儿童学习的热情和上进心,使学生始终处于积极的思维状态,使他们的视觉、听觉、触觉都能活动起来,活跃了课堂气氛,同时给儿童带来了乐趣,消除了烦躁和疲劳,从而有利于调动儿童的学习积极性和主动性
  • 培养儿童的早期计算能力,缩短小学教学时间。儿童珠心算教学,近几年来通过不断实践、探索,有的地方已经形成了一套较为完善的理论体系、比较清晰的教学步骤和比较科学的训练方法,学生在两年内就可学完小学数学课程,从而大大缩短了小学教学时间
  • 迁移到其他学科,促进其他学科教学质量的提高。数、理、化之间的功课是相辅相成、相互制约、相互促进的。学习珠心算,使儿童头脑聪明,手指灵活,反映灵敏,不仅有助于数理化的学习,而且对其他许多学科都会起到正迁移的作用
  • 培养儿童的坚强意志和良好的思想品质。儿童通过学习珠心算,可以从小养成动手、动脑、动口的好习惯。动手操作得到锻炼,可以提高儿童的身体素质;动脑计算可以锻炼儿童大胆发言的能力及诚实的性格;同学之间成绩的对比,信息的反馈,可以使儿童获得正确的自我认识,自我评价,从而培养努力进取、勤奋刻苦的精神;较大数字的计算量可以增加儿童的自信心;儿童的特点是好动,但打算盘时需要精力高度集中,由动变为静,长期锻炼可以使儿童养成集中精力听课的好习惯

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