Shenmo International Group

神墨国际教育于2014年3月,正式进驻新加坡,已经在教育部登记注册。欢迎有理想、有抱负、愿意把教育事业作为人生理想的同仁们加入神墨大家庭!我们拥有完善的教学管理系统,多元科目,强大的师资培训系统! 想具体了解,请发电邮至 hazelwei@shenmo.com或拨打电话: 0065-91056836查询.


Shenmo International education officially opened in Singapore since march 2014,has been registered with the Ministry of Education, we welcome those who have aspiration and willing to let education as your life goal to join Shenmo family, we have a comprehensive learning management system, a diversified subjects, teacher training system! If you would like to know more about Shenmo franchise, please email us at: or call 0065-91056836 for more information .