Our Abacus Highlights


Our Unique Two-hand Training Methodology

Compared to other training providers offering the one-hand abacus course, our two-hand abacus training course stimulates the development of two hemispheres of the brain. It is makes the child’s brain more active. It is a system the children able to perform calculations faster.

Our Streamlined and Detailed Syllabus

The distinguishing feature of our syllabus is that the knowledge points are broken down into simpler points that are more comprehensible for children. Our ‘teach less, learn more’ approach enables each child to fully master a knowledge point in each session.

Classes conducted in both Chinese and English

Well-trained and Qualified Teachers

We subject our teachers have undergone to a stringent selection process and a rigorous training program. They are possess the required professional knowledge, skills and ethics to teach our abacus program.

Our Fun-filled Course Materials

Our set of course materials includes Flashcards, ink-pad and stamps, activity booklets interspersed with games and challenging activities. They promise to make the learning process a fun-filled, relaxed and stimulating one.

Annual Abacus Tournament

The learning and teaching of abacus is now a rising global trend. As an international education institution with branches all over the world, a grand abacus tournament is held annually to bring the Abacus communities of various countries together in a friendly tournament to promote cross-cultural interaction in abacus learning. Through competitions, a child is motivated to seek excellence and perfection in his skills.


The Benefits of Learning Abacus

The abacus is the tool for calculation for the Ancient Chinese. Its structure appeals to children who are mostly visual and kin-aesthetic learners. Research has shown that the learning of abacus helps children in the learning of Mathematics while developing their other cognitive abilities:

  • Enhance Memory Power

Through aural Abacus and Arithmetic practices as well as flashcard exercises, the child’s memory power is enhanced as these activities trains the child to process images and numbers quickly and retain them.

  • Trains Concentration Skills

When doing calculation on the abacus, the child focus all his attention on bead movement and the reading of numbers. His mind will not stray or wonder. Hence, the abacus training is a good way to train a child’s concentration skills.

  • Whole Brain Development

Our unique and patented two-hand approach trains simultaneous bead movement on both hands. Through constant practice, the two-hand movement stimulates the development of both the right and left hemispheres of the brain, leading to a more balanced brain development.

  • Promotes Speed Reading Skills

Abacus training involves speed reading and processing of numbers in order to perform quick calculation on the abacus. Therefore, abacus training is also a training on speed reading.

  • Improves Calculation Skills

Mental Arithmetic, which is the culmination of Abacus training, is achieved when the child is so skilful with the operation of abacus that he is able to envision it in his mind. His calculation speed increases and he also makes less mistakes in school.

  • Coordination Skills

In the Abacus classroom, all the child’s cognitive abilities are engaged simultaneously: the reading of numbers, the recitation of formulas, the active response to questions and the movement of beads