Company Profile

“Shen (神)” is a Chinese word that refers to miracles and anything unique.

“Mo (墨)” is the name for Chinese traditional ink which, when used, represents wisdom and the intellectual capability of human beings.

Shen and Mo together, represents a miracle of wisdom, and it is therefore a natural fit for the worldwide institution entitled  “Shenmo”.

The Beijing Shenmo Education Institution was established in 1998. With thoroughly implementing quality education as the running principle, Shenmo focuses on the cultivation of moral education and the ability to learn, with the purpose of enlightening children’s nature by means of “Happy Education”. Its mission is to “Help Billions of People to Promote”. Its educational training institution has the purpose of fostering national culture and developing potential for off-campus children.

Since its establishment, Shenmo has been following the social mission of helping billions of people to promote, to improve society through education, continuing to understand its national culture and cultivating children’s potential. With the support of all walks of society, Shenmo has set up a diversified curriculum system including fields of morality training, EQ training, attention training, painting, calligraphy, communication arts, oral reading, eloquence, right brain development, model airplane, go (game), abacus calculation, Chinese idioms, composition, literacy learning, pinyin (Chinese phonology), etc. Shenmo has more than 4,000 educational branches, and more than 50,000 full-time teachers. It has set up more than 100 authorized overseas branches in 39 countries and districts including Hong Kong and Taiwan of China, with students all over America, Canada, Japan, Korean, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Indonesia, Philippine, India, Sudan, Pakistan, etc. and the students at learning can exceed 2 million. Mianjun Li, the general headmaster of Shenmo School, will be awarded “The U.S. Governmental Commendation Award” in 2014.

For years, Shenmo has trained more than 10 million students, provided more than 50,000 opportunities of employment for society, and helped more than 2,000 people to realize their dreams of starting a business, which has a significant social value and is honored by professional professors as “a miracle in the Chinese education chain enterprises” and “an important supplement to Chinese public education”. Shenmo is becoming a significant flag for Chinese private schools at the present time.

Accompanying with Shenmo’s fast and stable development, every member of Shenmo is carrying out its lofty mission of helping billions of people to promote, paying attention to development of education, people’s livelihood and the quality of society as a whole. It is summed up that more than 200 million has been contributed into social public funds for charity activities such as the construction of the Hope School, a volunteer teaching program in the west of China and the Spring Rain Project. Shenmo also donated to the Hope Library to assist poor minorities throughout the country. The Shenmo donations supported large-scale free learning activities, and gave to the social grave nature disaster. Furthermore, Shenmo has actively collaborated with the Chinese Liberal Charity Foundation in setting up private educational development funds, and deepening the level of public affairs.

In the future, Shenmo will continue to develop as it encourages the inheritance and promotion of its national culture, following the principles of the value of equality education, respect, trust, appreciation, focus and encouragement of all, aiming to thoroughly achieve international, collectivized and diversified development based on the continued improvement of the educational pattern. It is committed to make an unremitting effort to promote the national quality and cultural soft power of China.