Shenmo, the wisdom of the magic ! 神墨,神奇的智慧!

"With the education concept of "equality, respect, trust, appreciation, focus, and encouragement" as our educational thrust, the Shenmo education institute focuses on the theme of "Happy Education" as it strives to continue to enlighten students who are involved in Shenmo's programs."


一阶升二阶家长会 – 佛光山珠心算班


佛光山珠心算文化推广座谈会 – 10月1日

新加坡佛光山依循星云大师建设人间净土的理念,以教育培育人才,以文化弘扬佛法,以慈悲福利社会,以共修净化人心。新加坡佛光山也为各年龄层人士开办合适的课程。这次由神墨中心举办的 “珠心算文化推广坐谈会” 得以完满的举办,有赖于佛光山管理层的大力支持,让更多的家长及公众人士接触到珠心算的文化,让众多的学子因珠心算而得益。 

Chinese Students Participated in the Sino-American Summer Camp

On July 10, 2016, the first batch of Chinese students of the Sino-American Cultural Summer Camp departed from Beijing. This camp aimed to make students of China and America to experience and learn the foreign culture in person, and to bring the unique charm of Chinese culture to the overseas.

First Batch of Shenmo (Singapore) Mental Math Students Have Completed the Six-level Courses

On June 28, 2016, the first batch of Shenmo (Singapore) mental math students have successfully completed the 6-level courses after 2 years’ learning.

Shenmo Hundred Abacus Museum Worldwide Plan: Hengshui Abacus Museum Opened

On June 16, 2016, Shenmo Hengshui Abacus Museum officially opened.By now, there have opened 9 Shenmo Abacus Museums in: Beijing, Ningxia, Xianghe of Hebei, Laibin of Guangxi, Dazhou of Sichuan, Yantai of Shandong, Renqiu of Hebei, Longyan of Fujian, and Hengshui of Hebei.

“Book Smell Permeates the Village, Shenmo on the Move” Shenmo Book Donation Activity Held in Xuyong County, Sichuan Province

On June 1, 2016, “Book Smell Permeates the Village, Shenmo on the Move” the Shenmo Book Donation Activity was held at the Hongqiao Elementary School in Tianchi Town, Xuyong County, Sichuan Province. Shenmo donated over 18,000 books and learning supplies to students of the Hongqiao Elementary School.

The 3rd ASEAN Region “Shenmo Young Professor” Art, Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Tournament

 2016年第三届新加坡“神墨杯”心算小博士争霸赛及绘画比赛 – 颁奖典礼    

The 3rd ASEAN Region “Shenmo Young Professor” Art, Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Tournament

2016年第三届新加坡“神墨杯”心算小博士争霸赛及绘画比赛   主办单位:北京神墨教育机构承办单位:神墨(新加坡)分校比赛日期:2016年3月13日(星期日) 上午10点-11点颁奖日期:2016年3月13日(星期日) 下午2点-3点比赛地点:Big Box 

Students in Kyrghyzstan Learn Shenmo Mental Arithmetic

Students in Kyrghyzstan learn Shenmo mental arithmetic